White Van

Do You Have Your Website on Your Van?

Plumbers, builders, electricians, roofers, property maintenance, landscape gardeners and countless other contractors or businesses where a van is an essential part of your trade; your company van probably already has the name of your business proudly displayed in large, clear writing. Possibly somewhere on the vehicle side panel or on the rear doors, or maybe also on the front of your vehicle, to catch as many eyes as possible as… continue reading
Analytics Dashboard Showing Bounce Rate

Website Analytics & High Bounce Rate

Some months ago we began to notice a high bounce rate on our website and some of our clients' sites that we also manage. Like many companies, organisations and individuals, we use Google Analytics to gain insights into how well our websites are performing on the web. What was contributing to the high bounce rate? We were seeing thousands of referrals from spammy domains such as: http://semalt.semalt.com/crawler.php?u=http://domainname (where domainname is… continue reading
Wordpress General Settings

6 Important and Overlooked WordPress Settings

You have your brand new website with a fresh WordPress installation, and now before you begin installing a theme or adding your website content, you have the task of setting it up in order that your website will function correctly. We will assume, here, that you have already installed WordPress. If not, we won't cover installation here as there are comprehensive installation instructions over at the official WordPress site. Maybe… continue reading
Reach Your Audience Brain

6 Tips To Help You Engage With Your Website Visitors

By knowing how the human brain processes images and information, and putting that knowledge to use, your business and your website can become more effective and engaging. Researchers in the field of neuromarketing research are working to figure out how our hard-wired preferences affect the decisions we make. This area of research, if it had to be described in a single sentence, is, according to the Neuromarketing Science and Business… continue reading
Website Packages

Online Store Now Open For Business

UPDATED: 9 November 2015 Please note that as of 9 November 2015 we have removed our online shop. The rest of our website and the web design services we provide are unaffected. Whilst it was an interesting experiment, we found that there is not enough interest in purchasing website design as a packaged product. We still continue to offer our starter website packages, just not as a product to buy… continue reading
Welcome to Our Blog

Our First Blog Post

Hello and welcome to our blog. We hope to be able to present useful help and knowledge to you and your business. Helping your company with it's digital presence, whether that be established businesses, new startups, those of you in the planning stages or thinking of starting out on the journey. What will we be blogging about? Website design, web development, ecommerce, marketing, business funding, business successes, motivation, practical help… continue reading