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Plumbers, builders, electricians, roofers, property maintenance, landscape gardeners and countless other contractors or businesses where a van is an essential part of your trade; your company van probably already has the name of your business proudly displayed in large, clear writing. Possibly somewhere on the vehicle side panel or on the rear doors, or maybe also on the front of your vehicle, to catch as many eyes as possible as you go about your working day. You also have your contact telephone number displayed in clear, legible text, so that anybody who happens to need your services and sees your van can call you.

All this is excellent for promoting your business, but is there a little bit more that your company vehicle could be doing to help with promotion of your business and the services you provide?

Phone or Online?

Consider a person who just happens to see your van as you are driving along, or they themselves are driving past the location where you are working. Can they take down your telephone number quickly? Can they remember it or accurately recall your phone number later on?

Let’s imagine the same person is a passenger in car and is not able make a note of your phone number in the short time taken to pass by your vehicle. Now imagine that your business has its own website and you have the web address of your website emblazoned across the side or back of your van. In the short time that your van is clearly visible it is possible that your website URL is easier to remember than a telephone number.

Even if they cannot remember the URL or take it down in time, your business name is likely to be memorable and at a later time they could well decide to tap your business name into Google to find out more about your company. They are now presented with a list of search results and hopefully your business is indexed somewhere by all of the major search engines. You or your business may have a Facebook page, a Yell listing, or maybe listed in another web directory.

Even better for building trust and reliablility is if your business also has its own website, which is visible in the search results. The person imagined above is a very real person. Millions of people are searching online for a reliable local trader every day, and if you don’t have your web address written on your van, you are potentially missing out on a lot of new customers. If you don’t even have your own website, you could potentially be missing out much much more in the market for new customers.

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Signwriting & Vehicle Livery

If you are looking to get the web address of your business onto your van, we can recommend these signwriting and vehicle graphics companies in the Wakefield area;

If you or your business does not yet have a website, or if it is not performing as well you would like, we are pleased to offer website design and re-design at affordable prices, please ask us.